Monday, October 17, 2011

Ok here I was still figuring out how construction works on Prestons' cartoons
I even copied his figure drawings a few times.

All that I plan to do this week is to copy a lot of images from both versions of the Preston Blair book and figure out how cartoons from the 40's work. I will also correct my drawings through Photoshop by comparing his drawings with mine, and write down all of my mistakes so I can critically analyze and fix my mistakes when I draw again.
Many of these characters use a lot of elipses forms and it's starting to get old once in a while. I think there's more to designing cartoons than just piling a pile of balls onto each other... but I have a feeling that this is what I need to do, in order to master cartooning principles through formula. Once I have these basic principles under my belt I shall try to copy other artists work and finally find a style that I'll be comfortable with.